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Welcome to;

The Humber Keel and Sloop Preservation Society.

Comrade is now in Keadby. Amy Howson is in Viking Marina at Goole. Anyone from carpenter to prospective captain will be welcome.  Both ships will be undergoing winter maintenance.  HKSPS are proud to be a key part of the regions maritime heritage with our uniquely preserved and originally presented vessels that are now both over 100 year old and have worked the Humber and its tributaries under sail. Our volunteers would be grateful for any help that you could give towards the cost of maintenance and fixed costs that we incur on an annual basis such as moorings, insurance, fuel, safety equipment and above all, essential repairs.  Every donation goes wholly to the upkeep of our two National Historic Fleet ships. Comrade and Amy Howson. Nobody is a paid trustee or member. 

We are experiencing an exceptionally difficult time in the societies history, we have been unable to operate the vessels as we usually do to generate funds and keep abreast of expenses due to circumstances out of our control.. Please help us to keep your regions maritime heritage afloat for all to see and experience the power of sail on these unique workhorses of the Humber. 

Please click here to go to our Donations page. Every little helps.  Thank you!

The society archive comprising of photographs, documents and artefacts has now been entrusted to the Hull History Centre and will be made available as an educational and study resource for all and sundry who requires information concerning the sloops and keels influence on our regions growth from the Saxon to the Viking period, through to the industrial revolution and into the 1970’s..                                                                  

 Slabline Archive.  A selection taken from volume’s 1-40. 

Society Archive Hand Over to Hull History Centre.

Thank you for the continued support to all our members and friends. Your input is a valuable tool to ensure the progress of the society and ensure the future of our vessels. If any member, or perspective member feels that they could help with the society in terms of its publicity, promotional events, fund raising or can help with maintenance and crewing of our vessels please use the contact facility to get in touch with our chairman.

Our two vessels are of a type that was once a familiar sight in the docks of Hull and on the river’s Humber, Trent and Ouse. It is with these type of sailing barge that produce and raw materials were transported throughout our region from the 12th century.  It is the Societies aim to preserve them in as near to original working condition as possible while being able to demonstrate the traditional skills required to maintain these unique historic vessels we can also show their sailing ability out on the river with up to 12 passenger to enjoy the experience.

The value and importance as examples of the regions historic vessels is reflected in their inclusion into the National Historic Fleet.  

The Humber Keel & Sloop Preservation Society is are a registered charity.                                                    # 503747.                                                       

Two Keels on the Humber – COMRADE and DAYBREAK sailing together in September 2014


Volunteers are welcome to help prepare and maintain Amy Howson and Comrade during the winter season. call Keith on 01482 782917 or for details.