Amy Howson – Society History – Intro

With suitable ships in short supply, the purchase of the Humber Sloop AMY HOWSON in 1976 came with a sigh of relief from the Sloop Committee. Five years of fund-raising and restoration saw her returned to sail in 1981, since then thousands of miles have been covered under sail and power, thousands of visitors and passengers have boarded and sailed on her, and thousands of man-hours spent maintaining and crewing her by a comparatively small group of dedicated volunteers. The testimony to those volunteers, past and present, is that AMY HOWSON continues to sail, carry passengers and wow visitors today.


Amy Howson passing Barton-upon-Humber in light winds on 21 June 2009

What follows is a brief history of AMY HOWSON as a Society vessel.

Further details can be obtained by downloading copies of our journal ‘The Slabline’

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