Sailing down the Ouse towards the Humber - © ITV Yorkshire

Comrade – Society History – 1990’s

1990 – ‘Spilling the Wind’, Shanties and Race Revival Following filming last September, David Beresford’s half hour documentary, “Spilling the Wind”, finally aired on Yorkshire Television at 10.30 on April 26. The programme was beautifully made with a blend of sailing shots, old photographs, interviews and music giving a vivid picture of both keels in […]

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Comrade in Bridlington Harbour

Comrade – Society History – 1980’s

1980 – A Keel goes to sea COMRADE has completed four very successful sailing seasons, though she still required leeboards before claiming that she is fully restored. A full sailing programme on the Humber included, in late June, a weekend charter party from the North Western Museum of Inland Navigation, during which the whole length […]

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Lincoln Water Festival, Brayford Pool

Comrade – Society History – 1970’s

1974 – All we want for Christmas is a Humber Keel As a part of an all out effort by HKSPS members to put together enough funds to enable the purchase of their very own Humber Keel, John Hainsworth asked Fred Schofield if he would take COMRADE to the Inland Waterways Association rally at Nottingham. This […]

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Humber Keel "Comrade"

Comrade – Society History – Intro

Since purchasing the Humber Keel COMRADE in 1974 thousands of miles have been covered under sail and power, thousands of visitors and passengers have boarded and sailed on her, and thousands of man-hours spent restoring, maintaining and crewing her by a comparatively small group of dedicated volunteers. The testimony to those volunteers, past and present, […]

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COMRADE in 1934 at Stainforth
                                      Photo by Fred Schofield
   Onboard his mother, father Arthur, sister Winifred and wife Lilian

Comrade – Working History

The Humber Keel COMRADE was built in 1923, at Warren’s shipyard at New Holland. Originally named WANDA, she was built for Turner Carmichael of Hull. The steel hull was made to Sheffield size of 61ft-6ins (18.75m) length and 15ft-6ins (4.72m) beam, with a hold capable of carrying up to one hundred tons of cargo. Initially, she traded in […]

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Viking Longship
 Drawing by Ningyou

Humber Keel – Origins

As a sailing craft, the Humber keel is probably descended from the Saxon long ship of the 5th or 6th century despite the more publicised notion that they are descendants of the much later Viking ships: the word keel is derived from the Anglo-Saxon kiol, and in Old English ceol, which directly translates to keel; Relating to […]

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