The Slabline 001 – 020

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Slabline Issue 001

First Issue from 1973
Talking Technically (part 1)
Sloops trading on the Humber 1920-1950
Hull Keel Regatta 1875
Working West Country
A Keelman's Song
Building a Keel in the 19th Century
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Slabline Issue 002

Second Issue from 1974 (same cover)
Comrade purchase nears completion
Keel Guidance on Thames
National Rally of boats, Nottingham
Talking Technically (part 2)
Exeter Maritime Museum
Tom Claxton - A riverman's memories
Humber Paddle Steamer Group
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Slabline Issue 003

Spring 1975
Sloop sub-committee / The Humber Keel
A Maritime Museum for Hull
Recollections of Barton-on-Humber
Reviving the boat-building industry in Gainsborough
Book Reviews / Days of sail on the Ancholme
Pocklington Canal Amenity Society
Tom Claxton - Autobiography (part 2)
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Slabline Issue 004

November 1975
The Masters Log - Aug '74 to Aug '75
Preservation of Britain's Transport Heritage
Queen of the Waterways (poem)
The Hull Maritime Society
S S B R / Thames Barge Sailing Club
A Naval Type Remembers (poem)
Report from the Sloop Committee
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Slabline Issue 005

June 1976
Chairman's Notes
Recollections by Eric Todd
Amy Howson
Talking Technically (part 3)
Book Review
A Keelman's Year
Beecliffe in Paris
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Slabline Issue 006

November 1976
Chairman's Notes
Comrade - Under Sail Again
Town Docks Museum - Phase 2
Talking Technically (part 4)
Cavalcade of Boats
More Recollections by Derek Shelton
Keels on Record - 1928
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Slabline Issue 007

June 1977
Comrade - sailing programme 1977
Amy Howson - restoration progress
Talking Technically (part 5)
On the River in the early 1900's - Evelyn Holt
Paddle Steamer Preservation
The Loss of the Barton Horse Boat
Humber Yawl Club/United Towing Co
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Slabline Issue 008

November 1977
Sailing Season 1977
Royal Visit to Humberside
Amy Howson - An Incident in her Life
P S Lincoln Castle/World Ship Society
The Old Friendship Inn (poem)
Keels at Sea
Talking Technically - (part 6) Leeboards
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Slabline Issue 009

une 1978 (same photo)
Chairman's Notes
West Riding Cruise Schedule
Talking Technically (part 7)
This and That
Hoisting, Staying & Lowering Sails (Keel)
Gainsborough - History of an Inland Port
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