The Slabline 021 – 040

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Slabline Issue 021

Summer 1984
Chairman's Notes
240 Generous Tons
His Early Life by John Frank
Sailing in the South West
The Keel Danum
Amy Howson - New Mast/Winter
Hero of the Humber
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Slabline Issue 022

Winter 1984/85
Chairman's Notes
Thorne & Moorends Gala Week
Fresh Paull Shrimps/A Family Tragedy
Arthur Schofield Challenge Cup
Goole Artist - Reuben Chappell
Capt. Walter Burkill/The Anne
Comrade & Amy Howson in 1984
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Slabline Issue 023

Summer/Winter 1985
Chairman's Notes
The Keel Regattas
Andertons' Sloops
Fresh Paull Shrimps (part 2)
So We'll Go to Brandy Wharf
Stanilands of Thorne
Amy Howson in Leeds
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Slabline Issue 024

Spring 1986
Chairman's Notes
To Travel in Hope...
Norfolk Keel Trust
The Windlass Has Jammed
Saira and the Aaron Family
Amy & Comrade 1985/6
The Hasholme Boat Homeward Bound
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Slabline Issue 025

Winter 1986

Chairman's Notes
To Travel in Hope ... (part 2)
Lightship No.10 Upper Whitton
Still Sunday/The Admiral by Fred Patten
The Making of Comrade's Leeboards
A Voyage of the True Love
Too Late/Amy Howson in '86

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Slabline Issue 026

Summer 1987
Chairman's Notes: Charlie Gray
Amy Howson in Barton Haven
Jim Wilson: My Early Life on a Humber Keel
Tom Holgate of Beverley
Society Photos: Mary Jane of Beverley
Belem: A Tall Ship Experience
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Slabline Issue 027

Winter 1987
Chairman's Notes
The Keel Evangeline
The Sloop Annie Elizabeth
Incident on the Keel Kathleen
Jim Wilson: My Early Life on a Humber Keel-Part 2
Spurn Gravel/Spurn Lightship
Comrade in 1987
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Slabline Issue 028

Summer 1988
Chairman's Notes
Living Museum of River Heritage
Building the Training Walls
Trent Sand
River Carnival at Hempholme
Jim Wilson: My Early Life on a Humber Keel-Part 3
Danum-Working a Keel on Continetal Waterways
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Slabline Issue 029

Autumn 1988
Chairman's Notes
Jim Wilson: My Early Life on a Humber Keel-Part 4
Energy, A Marvel of Compactness
Vanished Way of Life on the Old Keels
Relics of a Lost Lifestyle
Herbert Rhodes: My Life as a Keelman
The Keel Olive and the Leven Canal
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